Reimagining Recruiting

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Our mission
To build a community of capable, caring, Claremont-colleges students committed to employing a human-centered, design-based approach to solving real-world challenges. We aspire to cultivate an open and nurturing culture to historically underserved communities including minorities, women, first-gen students, and first-time hackers.
The Challenge:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruiting & Hiring: preventing human & algorithmic bias.

Re-live our last Sparkathon:

One way that AI is expected to reduce workload is by making the labor-intensive and highly subjective tasks of hiring and recruiting easier. It may be possible to employ machine learning (i.e recognizing patterns to develop predictions) to identify key characteristics of top professionals, which can be used to efficiently recruit future candidates. Yet, critics say that these characteristics carry with them past hiring biases, where certain genders and races are historically excluded and therefore not represented in the data. Are these methods susceptible to bias?
Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a recourse of action for people whose resumes are never looked at by human eyes due to algorithmic bias. On the other hand, there is much evidence that hiring bias by humans is just as rampant, and some believe that hiring with AI will minimize bias (based on gender, race, age, etc.) in the talent acquisition process.
How might we reimagine recruiting processes and tools in order to mitigate both human and AI-driven biases?
Inclusive to all
We are committed to encouraging underrepresented communities in order to alleviate systemic racism, sexism, and homophobia in the workforce.




5C students

of winners were women 

of participants were POC

5C Diverse
To promote diversity and inclusion, participants have the option to either build their own team or be placed on a team with students from each of the 5 Claremont Colleges.






Harvey Mudd




Claremont McKenna

Proudly Presented by Intuit
Sparkathon Spring 2018 was proudly presented by Intuit, whose unique approach to design thinking inspired us to adopt a human-centered problem-solving approach. In addition to winning $1,500 in prize money, teams were mentored and judged by industry experts flown in from Intuit's headquarters. Below are a few of the folks at Intuit whose generosity, insight, and trust made Sparkathon possible.
Product Manager, QuickBooks
Senior Product Manager, Developer Group
Senior Product Manager, Quickbooks
University Recruiter
Product Manager, QuickBooks
Additional Support
Additional support was provided by the Hive who graciously provided judging and hosted the event in their design space. The Hive focuses on accelerating the creative development of students through design-thinking principles. Further contributions come from Pomona Ventures, Pomona College, Scripps College, 85C, and I Like Pie.

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