With your team brainstorm, use given data to strategize, and problem solve 


Join an existing group or create your own

Sparkathon Team!


Enter a cycle of creation, feedback and inspiration from other teams and  judges.

What is the 5C Sparkathon Challenge?

The Sparkathon challenge is a one-of-a-kind design thinking case competition to inspire 5C students to develop solutions to technologies and innovations which exacerbate inequalities. In addition to the $1.5K cash prizes, the winner will also be able to foster lifelong relationships with our sponsors. This year students will work in small teams developing plans to re-educate the workforce which continues to suffer from job displacement in the face of automation.

To win the Sparkathon, a team of students must design a feasible action plan for re-education of a workforce suffering from job displacement. Aspiring competitors will submit samples of their plan. Judges will look for the team with the most comprehensive, innovative, and feasible plan. 

How do I win Sparkathon?

one challenge. 6 hours. $1500 in prizes.  


Be inspired

We've provided a broad prompt to help you start empathizing. Ask questions and dig deep into understanding a specific problem.


Generate and consider what solutions do and don't yet exist. Put something new and "crazy" on the table.


Transform ideas to action with the help of mentors.

Take this opportunity to apply those skills you've been learning outside the classroom! 


Your idea might be good, but it could be better. Learn to collaborate by getting critical feedback and restart the cycle of inspiration by listening to other ideas.

Stay tuned! Challenge details are coming soon

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