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Winning Team!

Online Academic Help

The lack of student access to teachers and tutors diminishes individual well-being and increases academic stress at Edina HS. Extracurriculars and limited transportation interferes with the academic help utilized between individuals. Thus, the solution is an online platform called Peer Tutors which allows both students and educators to communicate via organized online classroom video calls. - Parii Bafna, 2018

Meet the Team...

Hello, my name Abdulhusain Bootwala, but you can call me Boot. I went to Concord for elementary, and Southview for middle school. I'd say that the experience was fun and overall something I'd do again regardless of if we won or not. It was a fun event and really puts your mind to work, which is something everyone needs from time to time.

Haitham Alhajji

My name is Haitham Alhajji and I'm a student here at Edina High School. I learned valuable teamwork and communication skills during my time at the Sparkathon, and I had no idea that I would walk out of there with new friends.

Abdulhusain Bootwala

Oskar Anderson

My name is Oskar Anderson and I am a freshman at EHS. I take engineering class and used the skills I learned in class for Sparkathon Edina. My team worked together using the design process and it was an overall amazing experience. I had a lot of fun and I am honored to have won this event with my incredible team. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible!

Chaz Contag

I'm Chaz Contag, a freshman at Edina High School. I was very excited for such an incredible opportunity at Sparkathon. I was able to apply the engineering skills I learned in IED to how we approached our solution. This opportunity overall allowed me to expand and use my learning outside of school, which is very beneficial.


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Impact Team


I’m currently working with Cytilife, a company that specializes in designing portals and apps for college campuses, to bring Peer Tutors to life at Edina High School. Cytilife’s CEO Sabina Saksena and is working in tandem with us to create a pilot version of Peer Tutors that would efficiently allow students to collaborate and better address their problems/concerns in order to promote a growth mindset centered around learning instead of memorization. - Parii Bafna, August 20th, 2019 


First steps

My impact team members Aditya and Amrutha met up with me at our local coffee shop to design an applicable interface for peer tutors. Our designs incorporated feedback from several informal interviews to decipher the kind of user experience students and staff would want and use. - Parii Bafna, September 9th, 2019


Next move

So far we’ve decided to create an app that specifically has a page for scheduling meetings with online tutors from EHS. These tutors will receive volunteer hours to letter in volunteering in order to receive recognition as mentors for their fellow peers. The app will also consist of video calling and screen sharing abilities - truly maximizing the collaboration and teaching potential. - Parii Bafna

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